Ain Qana, Nabatieh
Ain Qana Explosion
MEET Lamia

LAMIA (mother of 2) has a summer residence at Ain Qana, it is located across the street of the area of the explosion, she was in Beirut at the time of the explosion.
The explosion happened in a valley which probably helped to protect the houses outside the valley, the valley took the pressure of the bombardment. Lamia’s house was 75% affected by the explosion, but the houses who are inside the valley around the explosion area were completely destroyed. When Lamia heard about the explosion, she immediately recalled Beirut port explosion and thought about the people who live in Ain Qana and who take care of her house. Lamia was very worried and sadden, especially that she was not touched by something similar before, she did not know what needs to be done. Communication with people living there, also some relatives confirmed that it was a huge explosion, similar to Beirut port explosion. There were some injured people who were moved to hospitals, and some died. Nothing was clear from the news about the explosion, only confusing information, Lamia did not go directly to check on the house, but she saw photos of the destruction and was devastated. She worried about the repair works due to the economic situation Damages in the house are huge, shattered windows, pulled aluminum facades.

The reasons for the explosion are still unknown for Lamia, she cannot tell who was targeted and for what reasons, she is not sure if the explosion was intended or accidental, the repair works, were taken care of by parties controlling that area, after applying in the municipality, when Lamia visited the region after 3 weeks, everything was back to normal then, everything was repaired, nothing was abnormal, she only saw a burnt car, but people were still devastated by the explosion, and it was still a subject for discussion, Lamia has fear of possible future explosions, she thinks anything can happen at any time in Lebanon.